During the Summer months, many school employees are denied unemployment benefits, as (according to the School District, and the State) they have “reasonable assurance” of returning to their jobs when school starts again. However, STATE employees, who work seasonal jobs (i.e. Fire watch during the Summer months) are granted these unemployment benefits, in spite of the fact they probably have “reasonable assurance” of returning to their jobs the next season. I happen to know of a woman who is a “Fire watch” in or around the Shasta, CA area, who works approximately 7 months of the year (April-November) and collects unemployment benefits the other months, while she vacations at spas, retreats, yoga camps, whatever. She’s married, I’m single. She’s probably getting a minimum of $2,200 in benefits, while I would get less than $1,000, since I’m “underemployed” (working 2 other jobs, part-time). This is taxpayer dollars going towards supporting people who purposely find “seasonal jobs”, so they can vacation the rest of the time! I think that the State of CA should give these “seasonal employees” “REASONABLE ASSURANCE” of returning to their jobs, and deny them unemployment benefits, and maybe the state won’t have the financial problems that it does! (And maybe provide more money for the schools, where it’s NEEDED!).


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