10 Rules if you’re going to an Awards show in Hollywood with me…

1. Behave yourself. The Actors are on their best behavior for this event, you should be, too.
2. Don’t yell/wave at the talent (celebrities). Even though you know who they are, they don’t know you.
3. Keep in mind, this is a “business trip” for me. I do want to be able to “eat lunch in this town again”, even if it is YOUR last trip.
4. Don’t ignore me or leave me sitting by myself just because the show is over. Remember, I’m the one who got you there.
5. Don’t interject your comments/ideas when I’m in the middle of a conversation with a writer/producer/director. Again, I want to “eat lunch in this town”.
6. Don’t think you can just “meet up with me” on the day of the show. Either go with me the entire trip, or don’t go at all.
7. Don’t complain. Ever. About anything. Remember, this may be a “once in a lifetime chance” for you. This is the biggest event in the Universe on that night. You are there. Be grateful for that. Keep in mind I have a “waiting list” of guests who’d gladly replace you.
8. Don’t “expect” anything. Don’t “expect” to get photos with the celebrities, or meet your favorite celebrity, or even see your favorite celebrity. Again, you’re there, period. Not everyone gets to go to these events.
9. Don’t act “fake”. Don’t speak in an “affected” manner, and don’t refer to the event as “rubbing elbows with the stars”. Again, this is “business” for me, “loose cannons” will not be tolerated.
10. Try to “blend in”. Don’t stand out in a bad way by saying things like “I don’t see anyone I recognize, do you see anyone you recognize?!” when we’re on the red carpet.


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