Free Appraisal of your Looks

Twice a year, a local Medi-Spa has an event I’ll call “Girl’s night out”. It’s where they offer great prices on things like Botox, Facials, goop that makes your eyelashes grow longer/thicker, and expensive skin care line products. I go to this spa maybe a few times a year for facials. I have never used Botox, thought I’ve been bluntly told “You’d look more youthful if you got  Botox”.

As I look around at many of the women who work at this Medi-Spa, I notice that they have seemingly “plastic”, expressionless faces, or the skin on their faces doesn’t match the rest of the body’s skin tone, because they’ve been using products to lighten the “hyperpigmentation”. (Think Michael Jackson).

As I passed by the Laser hair removing machine, an Asian man attending the machine asked me if I’d ever had Laser Hair removal done. I looked him squarely in the face and said “I’m part Asian, and I’m part Native American…I don’t have excessive body hair” and I walk on.

Next, I pass by the longer/thicker eyelash serum. Again, I get the pitch “Have you ever tried….?”. Yes, I have. Loreal’s version. It costs about $6, where your’s costs around $200. Thanks, but no thanks.

The Botox lady is beautiful, but she looks like a mannequin. Her face looks “tight”, and her nose is pointed. She just looks “Unnatural”. She reminds me of the Blonde woman in the store on Rodeo Drive in the movie “Pretty Woman”. Sure, she’s “gorgeous”, but something seems “off”. I move on.

Finally, I come to the Indian (As in “From India”, not “Come to my Casino” Indian, like me), who has a ghosty-gray face against the rest of her otherwise brown skin. She asks me if I’ve used the product. Well, yes, I’ve used some of the products from that particular (and very expensive, I might add) line. She doubts me. She tells me I have “hyperpigmentation”. I tell her I’ve just come from a swimming pool, as one of my jobs is teaching Aqua Aerobics. I don’t have make up on. She goes on and on about my “hyperpigmentation”. I sigh out of frustration with her, and said “Look, I’m a redhead, are you sure it’s not freckles?”. She gets huffy and very snidely says “It’s hyperpigmentation….from the sun”. No kidding? From the SUN? Go figure! I storm off.

I refuse to be bullied into buying a product that is way overpriced, and makes your face look freakishly unnatural. Sure, I’d like to have perfect skin, and a perfect body, but being closer to 60 than I am to 50, I think I look pretty darned good.


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