Citibank Banksters

Some people are offended by remarks that I post concerning my issue with Citibank. Maybe they have friends or relatives who work there, and my apologies to them. I know not all employees of Citibank are BAD people, some just work there because it’s a job, a paycheck, and they have bills to pay. Most of the people that I’ve met who work there, the ones with a conscience, eventually get out of there. They go on to work for Property Management companies, or law enforcement agencies.

The others are the ones I feel sorry for, the ones who cheat, lie and steal from customers, just to keep their jobs. If one believes in Heaven and Hell, well, they know where they are going. Cheating, Lying, Stealing, I believe are all addressed in the 10 Commandments.

Today is Sunday, the “Day of Rest”. I’d love to be able to rest, but I can’t. I work 3 jobs during the rest of the week, in order to pay off a debt that never should have been. A debt that an 85-year-old woman with documented dementia was booked into, encumbering her house. The house now belongs to me, and if I don’t pay off that loan, I lose the house.

I have to take care of a house and a yard. I don’t have automatic sprinklers. I COULD have, if I didn’t have this huge debt to pay off, pissing thousands of dollars away per year, paying off a debt that was never proven.

I can’t afford a gardener, so I have to do it myself. I do not have a green thumb, and my lawn is shrinking. Should I just let it all die, and just have patches of dirt in my front yard? I can’t even afford to plant cactus and have rocks, like a desert scene, because that costs money, money I have to piss away each month, going towards nothing.

I have to buy my food at warehouse stores. “Organic”? Ha Ha…what’s that? Buying “‘generic” and lower quality produce (i.e. exposed to chemicals) probably has a lot to do with the fact I can’t lose weight, and am having liver problems….my body is full of toxins.

Weekly trips to the “Dollar Store” where I buy my generic cleaning products and laundry detergent. I “brown bag” it to work. Going out to lunch-or even coffee-with a friend, is a “splurge”.

I often think of those Citibank employees, driving their new cars, and riding their Harleys (Like Mr. Rogers), while I have to plan routes to work and stores, so that I don’t waste gas.

A friend recently asked me “What do you do for entertainment?” meaning “How do you afford entertainment?”. Easy. I just go to things that are free, or stay home and watch DVDs I check out from the library. Finally, someone bluntly asked me “How do you afford to go to the Emmys?”. Well, that’s not “entertainment”, that’s a “business trip”. It’s not exactly a “write off” (yet!), but in hopes of selling my script about my Citibank ordeal, I go to the awards shows, because everybody (producers, directors, other writers) are all there.

I’m hoping and praying that someday, someone, somewhere, will make Citibank “pay” for what they’ve done, not only to me, but to probably hundreds of thousands of people. I’d love to be a witness for the prosecution. Every one of the evil people I had to deal with in my Citibank issue would be implicated. It would make “Operation Rezone” look like child’s play….


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