Famous People

What is the price of fame, and why is it like an aphrodisiac? Fame itself, to some, is the aphrodisiac, while to others, simply being somehow “connected” to a “famous” person is the aphrodisiac. (What’s ironic, is when I go to the Awards shows in Hollywood, I hardly recogize half the “celebrities”).

I recall a few years ago, I knew of this young woman named Melissa, who seemed very “normal” at first, but a few key phrases gave away the fact she was actually mentally “unstable”. When talking about a friend of mine who is a somewhat semi-well-known MMA fighter, she shouted out “Heck, I’m more FAMOUS than him!”. I thought “What?”. What was she talking about that she was “famous”? And…”More famous than him”…he wasn’t exactly “famous” himself, either.

She then sent me a link to some silly website, where your friends vote for you, and depending on how many votes you get, determines how “famous” you are! Yes, she did indeed have more votes than my MMA fighter friend. Whoopie. There was also another little local “Attention Whore” who had many votes. She was a little Britany Spears look-alike, who was in a few local commercials, and thought her you-know-what didn’t stink.

I just rolled my eyes. I wouldn’t lower myself to play the “Fame Game”, by voting for Melissa, or anyone else, especially in a local contest.

I also recall about 10 years ago, when a neighbor of mine wanted to get into acting, and was asking me for advice on how/where to get training, and representation. His little teenage buddy piped up and said “He’s going to be FAMOUS!”, as if he was excited to know someone who someday might be “famous”.

Well, my neighbor never got famous, in fact, he never even got into acting. The last I heard, he was unemployed. God knows where his friend is, perhaps looking for others who might someday be “famous”.

What’s sad, is when you are famous, you have to be careful where you go, worry about your kids being kidnapped, make reservations (at hotels and restaurants) under fake names, worry about lawsuits (people automatically presume you have money if you are famous), etc.

Here’s what’s funny, while some people are busy looking for those who are “famous” today, they may be looking right passed someone who might be “famous” tomorrow. I was talking about this to a friend the other day, and she told me of a story that happened a long time ago, when a photographer she knew was down in Hollywood shooting some photos of then-famous people. There was a young man standing nearby, whom the photographer ignored, because HE wasn’t “famous”. Well, HE turned out to be…Brad Pitt.

Years ago, when Tom Selleck had the role that made him famous, Magnum P.I., he was on a talk show, and said “Before I got this role, no one thought of me as a “Sex Symbol”. I guess “fame” really is some sort of an aphrodisiac….



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