“Before you embark on a journey for revenge, dig two graves”-Confucius

One of my favorite TV shows is “REVENGE”. It’s about a young woman whose father was framed, and she has vowed revenge on all those responsible. Not only was her father sent to prison, she had to spend time in a juvenile facility.

She keeps important documents in a box with the symbol for “Double infinity” (Two “8”s) on it.

In the latest episode, her finance’, who happens to be the son of one of the enemies responsible for her father’s ultimate death, finally gets her to agree to a wedding date. She not-so-randomly chooses “August 8”. Now, I know that next Summer, August 8th falls on a Friday, because that’s also my birthday. I wouldn’t think that a Friday would be a popular day to get married, unless it was a Friday the 13th, and you were doing it for the purpose of the superstition (As a friend of mine did, over 20 years ago, and she’s still married).

I’m one to look for omens, and I took her “August 8” date as a message to me, personally. Double infinity, Revenge, August 8, all fit me.

An old friend I’ve known since high school was the one to turn me on to the show. She said I had to watch it, as it would give me some feeling of gratification to see someone else get their revenge on people who’ve crossed them, just as the Citibank 13 (as I refer to them), crossed me.

I would love to have a photo of all of them together, and draw a red “X” through their faces (just as the character on the show does) as each one of them is done in by their own undoing.

I personally don’t have to have done anything to my “enemies” to get that feeling of satisfaction when I learn that they have gotten their comeuppance. It can be something like learning that they lost their job, or their spouse, or their home, business, or whatever.

It would be like running into the woman who said to me “It’s a SHAME you don’t look like THAT anymore” when referring to an old photo of me when I was younger and thinner, and seeing that she had gained a considerable amount of weight, lost all of her hair, or worse.

Running into an ex-boyfriend who “raked you over the coals”, and seeing that he’s gotten very fat, bald, and in general, very unattractive, but you still look great, that’s “revenge”.

The drug dealer living in the rental next door, on Section 8, while he drives a new SUV and does drug deals, gets shot by the police, goes to the hospital, LIVES, and is taken directly to jail from the hospital. That’s revenge. It’s seeing someone else get what they deserve. Karma.

The wheels of justice grind slowly but surely.

I’d better get started digging those 14 graves….



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