Doctor Damages

If you run into someone else’s car, you’re expected to pay for damages. Does the same go for a Dermatologist that leaves a deep scar on the side of your face from a totally unnecessary “surgery”?

A few years ago, I went to a Dermatologist for a routine skin check. He noticed some plugged sebaceous glands on my face, and asked if I wanted them removed.  These are the little “doughnut” shaped bumps that sometimes appear on your face from build up in your sebaceous glands. Not knowing what was going to happen, I let him take one. Thank God I didn’t let him do more.

Thinking that I heal very quickly and have rarely had a scar from anything, I figured the little “hole” left by the removal would eventually “fill in”. Not so. Here I am, with a disfiguring scar on my face, which not only causes me to be self-conscious, it has had a negative affect on my social life. (What guy wants to be seen with a woman that looks like she’s had an ice pick taken to the side of her face?).

I really noticed the scar when I started making my TV show, and the HD cameras made the scar look like the Grand Canyon. I can’t sit on the guest’s left, where I should be sitting, so that I can see the clock and tell when it’s time to wrap it up. My left is also my “good side”, or at least it was, before the hideous scar.

What would you do if you were in my situation? Would you go back to the Dermatologist and ask if he can-or is willing to-do something about it? Would you let him try to do something, or insist that you be sent to a plastic surgeon? What can you do if he’s not willing to attempt to do anything about it?

If he doesn’t at least try to “make good” on it, should I just blast him all over the Internet, so that it doesn’t happen to some young woman, ruining her chances for marriage and children? What is my responsibility here?



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