Wrong side of the tracks….

In my town, I live “On the wrong side of the tracks” which is south of Shaw Avenue. When my parents moved into the house that I now live in, it was as far north in town as you could go. In my hometown, North is good, South is not. So, as the city grew to the north, “South of Shaw” because less and less desirable.

Never mind that there are lovely neighborhoods South of Shaw, such as “Old Fig”, The Tower District, Sunnyside, and Huntington Blvd. to name but a few, for the most part, pseudo snobs say things like “I NEVER go south of Shaw!”.

Recently, I was invited to a party for a friend of mine. She happens to have a twin. The twin invited friends from her church. The party was held in what might be considered (by some) to be in “a bad part of town”. The house itself was lovely, and although you may have to go through less-than-desirable parts of town to get there, once you arrived, it seemed fine.

One of the guests from the twin’s church loudly annouced to her that she (the twin) was “lucky” that she (the guest) even came, because….she NEVER goes “South of Shaw”. I was appalled at this woman’s rudeness. I wouldn’t consider myself “lucky” at all in having a friend like that. The hostess of the party was a friend of the family who offered her house for the party to be held. If I were her, I might have asked the offender to leave…

I was personally offended, because….well, I live “South of Shaw”. I wonder where and what kind of house Ms. Snob-a-roo lives in? Perhaps she’s living above her means. Perhaps her house isn’t paid off, and someday, she may have to move “South of Shaw” herself.

While I may not live in a great (newer) neighborhood, I really do live in a good location. By freeway, I can get downtown in 10 minutes, and to the “North End” in 7. I live near “The Village”, which in this City, is our version of a cross between Carmel and Rodeo Drive (pricey little shops in a quaint atmosphere).

Some people have referred to where I live as a “Ghetto Neighborhood”. A rather rotund woman I knew from high school, who’d gone into business for herself (a clutter shop in the far north party of town), loudly asked me if I was “still living in THAT neighborhood” in front of a store full of people, when I went in to offer my congratulations on the opening of her new store. A few years later, her business folded.

Of course, these are people who make these rude remarks are probably not homeowners, and just might spend the rest of their lives throwing rent money out the window, never “owning” anything.

Another reason I stay here, is because I’ve been told that eventually, the City, or Private Industry may want this neighborhood, due to it’s ideal location. If not, I can always use it as a rental….




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