Crazy works…

I became a distributor for those body wrap things, because the interest generated so rapidly at the mere mention of it! I signed on around March 9th, I had my first “wrap” party 2 weeks later, and got 3 “Loyal Customers”. Then, the problems began…

Loyal customer number 1 got her full order right away. Loyal customer number 2 got a partial order, mailed to the wrong address. She wanted it mailed to her place of work, but oh, no, they couldn’t do that, it had to go to her “home” address. We still don’t know where the other portion of her order is. Loyal Customer number 3 STILL hasn’t gotten her order. Oh, whoops, my “up line” forgot to inform us that it was on “back order” until April 22nd. Oh, you don’t really MIND, do you? After all, you’ve already been charged, and gotten your bill, but no product. Don’t worry, it’ll come…

And then, there was MY order. Since I was a new distributor, and not really savvy about it all, I let my “up line” order for me. She said she’d put in my order as of the first of April, because I’d already fulfilled my obligation (order) for the month of March. OK, so I have this special event coming up on May 7th, and I was hoping I’d “drop a size” by then. So, I waited. And I waited. Finally, I called my “up line” and she said “WHOOPS! I forgot to put your order in!” (It was already April 8th by then).

In the meantime, she informed me that I had a “paycheck” waiting. I got an email instructing me how to get my “paycheck”. So, I could either have it deposited directly to my checking account (Me, being old, thought I’d have to send them a “voided” check or something) so I chose the “gift card” method. Now, they took out $4 from my “paycheck” for the gift card (Shipping?). In addition to that, they also charge you $1 per month for your paycheck or your account site, or whatever they call it…

You also get charged $20 per month for your “website”. Oh, and don’t forget your “Auto ship”, you must order a certain amount of volume per month! Usually about $120 worth of product, but if you pick and choose carefully, it’s only around $106! So, let’s figure $113 a month for “volume”, another $20 for your “esuite”, and $1 for your account site. $134 a month. You’d better figure on selling a lot of this product in order to even “break even”!!!

Oh, did I mention it was $114 to sign up (Of course, you get 4 of these body wrap things with your “kit”, which includes 2 catalogs, 1 “inspirational” magazine, a rubber wrist band, and some cards.)

Today I got my order of the powdered “greens” (4.5 ounces for $33) and some more body wrap things. Never mind that I had to cancel the order I really wanted, because I was not going to be here in time to do any good for my May 7th event…

I’m already “In the hole” for about $241, minus the $40 profit I have made. How much more will I have to spend, before I “break even”? I’m sorry I ever signed up for this MLM (Multi-level Marketing).

I’m not saying it’s a bad product, but if I could do it all over again, I’d become a “loyal customer” and NOT a distributor!!!! As a “loyal customer” you’re only hooked in for 3 months, and you don’t have to order a certain amount of “volume”.

Oh, and by the way, I haven’t lost an ounce, or an inch, so far….



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