Don’t let them fool you!

Now, anyone who really knows me, knows how opposed I am to invasive procedures to the human body. I won’t go into the gory details of a procedure I had to have many years ago when some random test came up “Positive” for pre cancerous cells. No anesthesia was administered, and it felt like they were ramming a hot steel rod up inside of me. As it turned out, I didn’t have cancer at all, but had to suffer the pain and humiliation of being experimented on (I think my number was picked in a lottery…we need to test this procedure, oh, here’s a guinea pig…).

So, I’m about to be subjected to this torture again, only this time, they’ll give me a shot of some sort of amnesia drug, so I won’t be aware of them making fun of me while I’m under. Yes, that actually happens. Can’t remember exactly how the story goes, but while one guy was “under”, his cell phone recorded the conversation between the medical technicians in the room. I believe he sued them, too.

Oh, and then there’s the part where you’re supposed to bring along a family member or friend, to wait for you while you’re having the procedure, “Just in case something happens”. JUST IN CASE SOMETHING HAPPENS? What are they expecting to “Happen”?! And what is your friend or relative supposed to do? SERIOUSLY? So say you never wake up, is your friend/relative supposed to toss your body in the trunk of their car and figure out how/where to dispose of it? Geeze! That’s quite a load to dump on somebody (No pun intended) who’s not prepared for it!

So, what happens? Does a nurse poke her head out the door and say to your friend/relative “Uh, we had a little accident in here, can you come and get your friend off the table and get them out of here?  No, we can’t help you, it’s too big of a liability, we might drop the body or something. Oh, and here’s their stuff…” (Tosses rumpled clothing and shoes at friend/relative waiting in the lobby).

It’s weird how they have the first part of this all figured out, but nothing after. A friend of mine walked in for this procedure, but never walked out. That’s right, they bagged a nerve on the operating table and crippled her, for life. Did they take responsibility? NO. This happened about 6 years ago, and her lawsuit is still going on.

This is why I’ve put off having this particular procedure done. A back alley abortion is probably safer. Don’t try to convince me otherwise. I’m tempted to set up a camera in the room to record the procedure, not that I’m interested in actually SEEING it, but to have as evidence “In case something happens”. Even if it would be “Inadmissible” in court, it would at least be a warning to others: “Don’t let THIS happen to YOU!”.

I suppose I have the right to refuse the procedure, but Doctors and Insurance companies have their ways of coercing you into this. A teacher I used to sub for said that her doctor threatened to take away her badly needed medication if she didn’t have the procedure done.

I’ve also heard the prep for the procedure is the worst part, which I find hard to believe, since I find invasive surgery to be worse than having to starve for a few days. First, you can’t eat anything for about 3 days prior, you have to stick to liquids, in order to not have anything in your system. Then, the night before the procedure, you have to drink some radioactive material that’s probably toxic, and….if you don’t already have cancer, this stuff will give it to you.

I guarantee that if I LIVE through this procedure (You know, unless “something happens”) I will be posting about it on YELP, and any other site that will allow me to critique what happens. Believe me, they won’t even get half a star…




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