Don’t let them fool you!

Now, anyone who really knows me, knows how opposed I am to invasive procedures to the human body. I won’t go into the gory details of a procedure I had to have many years ago when some random test came up “Positive” for pre cancerous cells. No anesthesia was administered, and it felt like they were ramming a hot steel rod up inside of me. As it turned out, I didn’t have cancer at all, but had to suffer the pain and humiliation of being experimented on (I think my number was picked in a lottery…we need to test this procedure, oh, here’s a guinea pig…).

So, I’m about to be subjected to this torture again, only this time, they’ll give me a shot of some sort of amnesia drug, so I won’t be aware of them making fun of me while I’m under. Yes, that actually happens. Can’t remember exactly how the story goes, but while one guy was “under”, his cell phone recorded the conversation between the medical technicians in the room. I believe he sued them, too.

Oh, and then there’s the part where you’re supposed to bring along a family member or friend, to wait for you while you’re having the procedure, “Just in case something happens”. JUST IN CASE SOMETHING HAPPENS? What are they expecting to “Happen”?! And what is your friend or relative supposed to do? SERIOUSLY? So say you never wake up, is your friend/relative supposed to toss your body in the trunk of their car and figure out how/where to dispose of it? Geeze! That’s quite a load to dump on somebody (No pun intended) who’s not prepared for it!

So, what happens? Does a nurse poke her head out the door and say to your friend/relative “Uh, we had a little accident in here, can you come and get your friend off the table and get them out of here?  No, we can’t help you, it’s too big of a liability, we might drop the body or something. Oh, and here’s their stuff…” (Tosses rumpled clothing and shoes at friend/relative waiting in the lobby).

It’s weird how they have the first part of this all figured out, but nothing after. A friend of mine walked in for this procedure, but never walked out. That’s right, they bagged a nerve on the operating table and crippled her, for life. Did they take responsibility? NO. This happened about 6 years ago, and her lawsuit is still going on.

This is why I’ve put off having this particular procedure done. A back alley abortion is probably safer. Don’t try to convince me otherwise. I’m tempted to set up a camera in the room to record the procedure, not that I’m interested in actually SEEING it, but to have as evidence “In case something happens”. Even if it would be “Inadmissible” in court, it would at least be a warning to others: “Don’t let THIS happen to YOU!”.

I suppose I have the right to refuse the procedure, but Doctors and Insurance companies have their ways of coercing you into this. A teacher I used to sub for said that her doctor threatened to take away her badly needed medication if she didn’t have the procedure done.

I’ve also heard the prep for the procedure is the worst part, which I find hard to believe, since I find invasive surgery to be worse than having to starve for a few days. First, you can’t eat anything for about 3 days prior, you have to stick to liquids, in order to not have anything in your system. Then, the night before the procedure, you have to drink some radioactive material that’s probably toxic, and….if you don’t already have cancer, this stuff will give it to you.

I guarantee that if I LIVE through this procedure (You know, unless “something happens”) I will be posting about it on YELP, and any other site that will allow me to critique what happens. Believe me, they won’t even get half a star…



The Oujia Board

When I was about 8, I asked for the Oujia Board for my birthday. I don’t know where I’d first seen or played with one, I just knew I wanted one. My parents felt it was harmless enough, and bought me one. I still have it, it’s been out in the garage for over 50 years. Just recently, I got into a discussion on Facebook as to whether or not it’s harmful to own one.

One friend argued that since I have had a “difficult” life, it surely must be attributed to the fact I possess the Oujia board…

In spite of being superstitious, I don’t see the Oujia board as being any more harmful than “Operation”, “Mouse Trap”, “Cootie” or any other game from my childhood. I mean, after all, it’s just a piece of wood, paper, and plastic. It seems ridiculous to me to attribute anything bad that happens in your life to a game board.

I don’t think my life is any more difficult than that of millions of other people. We all struggle with the same thing, jobs, relationships, things breaking down (Cars, houses). On what  do people that don’t own Oujia boards blame their bad luck? Black cats? Broken mirrors? Stepping on a crack in the sidewalk?

What if I did get rid of my Oujia board, and my difficulties in life continued? Then what? What if I got rid of it, and then won the lottery? Would I attribute my good fortune to having gotten rid of the Oujia board?

Sure, I’ve heard all the stories of strange happenings to those who play with the Oujia board, but quite frankly, NOTHING ever happened with mine. The thing didn’t give answers to questions unless the players pushed it along.

I think the last time I played with it, I must’ve been in high school. My cousin and I asked who she would go to the prom with, and it spelled out some guy’s name, that my cousin never came to meet. Sad thing is, my cousin (Who was 4 years younger than me) actually believed she was going to meet this guy.

In spite of my cousin’s petite figure and good looks, she never married. DUNT DUNT DUN….could the Oujia board have been to blame? Come to think of it, I have never been married either!!! Double whammy! We were both cursed….or were we spared?

My cousin now lives in Santa Barbara, but I got stuck here in Fresno (The Oujia board again?). And what would happen if I got rid of it, and nothing in my life changed. I just kept schlepping off to my job everyday, trying to pay my bills and get out of debt. What then? What would I have to blame my “difficult” life on? Should I throw the O away? Someone once claimed that after playing with it one night, along with a bunch of college friends, strange things started happening, so they took the board outside and put it in the garbage can. The next day, they found it back in the house. Of course, she turned out to be a Pathological Narcissist with Sociopathic Tendencies (The Oujia board’s fault? Again?), so I’m not sure how much weight I give her story.

So, back to the question at hand, should I throw it away? Burn it? Or send it (Anonymously) to someone I dislike? I’m beginning to wonder, is there an Oujia board in the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Is that what’s causing all the problems?



Oklahoma Sun

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Rokki James at the Clearwater Beach Sand Pearl Resort this morning. Rokki James, born Andres Archontakis, changed his name at the recommendation of his …

Source: Oklahoma Sun

Oklahoma Sun

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Rokki James at the Clearwater Beach Sand Pearl Resort this morning. Rokki James, born Andres Archontakis, changed his name at the recommendation of his agent, Richard Heckenkamp. Richard told him “No one is going to remember that name!”. So, Rokki named himself after his mentor, Rocco Paskidlis, a senior in high school when Rokki was a freshman. Rokki said Rocco was the toughest guy he’d ever met. A boxer and kickboxer, Rocco was a legend in the  Underground fight scene in Tampa, Florida.

Rokki was a wrestler in high school, but an altercation at the beach, where he suffered 200 blows to the head, lead Rokki to take up boxing. He started training at the 4th St. Boxing Gym in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Growing up, Rokki admired 3 Martial Artists: Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, and Don “The Dragon” Wilson, the 11-time world champion kickboxer who was also from Florida.

After graduating high school, Rokki moved to New York City, to work as a bouncer at CBGB’s, the undisputed birthplace of punk, and, according to Rokki, a “Dangerous place to work.” Rokki lived with a musician friend that he described as looking like Steven Segal by day (Hair slicked back in a ponytail, suit) and “Slash” by night.

In the early 1990’s, a job offer took Rokki to Chicago. For the next four years, Rokki worked in advertising, and modeling, while training at The Windy City Boxing Gym. At 152 pounds, Rokki modeled suits for Marc Jacobs on the runway. He was able to save enough money to move to LA, and not be broke.

When I asked Rokki what made him decide to become an actor, he said that he loved reading Shakespeare. He would practice reading scripts like “Swingers” and “Pulp Fiction” with his friends, and they encouraged him to move to LA to pursue a career in acting.

So, Rokki packed up his pick-up and headed for California. He first lived in Beachwood Canyon near the Hollywood sign, and while in a bar, recognized an actor, bought him a drink, and was introduced to a manager, who bought him dinner, and introduced him to his agent, Richard Heckenkamp. Rokki credits Richard for teaching him everything he knows about “the business”.

Richard asked for Rokki’s “headshots”, and immediately ripped them up and threw them in the garbage. He instructed Rokki to buy a certain book on acting, and when Rokki showed it to him, Richard took a black marker, and drew a line through each page. Rokki was in shock, as he’d paid good money for the book. Richard told him “I saved you thousands of dollars later”.

While working out at GOLD’s GYM, Rokki met Mark Walberg. Rokki had known a friend of Mark’s, Bobby Dee, while living in Chicago. Bobby told Rokki if he ever ran into Mark, to let him know he was OK, as Bobby had been in Desert Storm.

Mark also gave Rokki some good advice: Don’t go to nightclubs trying to make friends, the friends you meet in acting class will be your friends. Rokki says he stays in touch with them to this day.

Rokki said his biggest achievement to date was when he landed a role in “Paying Mr. McGetty”, and got to work with one of  his martial arts idols, Don “The Dragon” Wilson.










Crazy works…

I became a distributor for those body wrap things, because the interest generated so rapidly at the mere mention of it! I signed on around March 9th, I had my first “wrap” party 2 weeks later, and got 3 “Loyal Customers”. Then, the problems began…

Loyal customer number 1 got her full order right away. Loyal customer number 2 got a partial order, mailed to the wrong address. She wanted it mailed to her place of work, but oh, no, they couldn’t do that, it had to go to her “home” address. We still don’t know where the other portion of her order is. Loyal Customer number 3 STILL hasn’t gotten her order. Oh, whoops, my “up line” forgot to inform us that it was on “back order” until April 22nd. Oh, you don’t really MIND, do you? After all, you’ve already been charged, and gotten your bill, but no product. Don’t worry, it’ll come…

And then, there was MY order. Since I was a new distributor, and not really savvy about it all, I let my “up line” order for me. She said she’d put in my order as of the first of April, because I’d already fulfilled my obligation (order) for the month of March. OK, so I have this special event coming up on May 7th, and I was hoping I’d “drop a size” by then. So, I waited. And I waited. Finally, I called my “up line” and she said “WHOOPS! I forgot to put your order in!” (It was already April 8th by then).

In the meantime, she informed me that I had a “paycheck” waiting. I got an email instructing me how to get my “paycheck”. So, I could either have it deposited directly to my checking account (Me, being old, thought I’d have to send them a “voided” check or something) so I chose the “gift card” method. Now, they took out $4 from my “paycheck” for the gift card (Shipping?). In addition to that, they also charge you $1 per month for your paycheck or your account site, or whatever they call it…

You also get charged $20 per month for your “website”. Oh, and don’t forget your “Auto ship”, you must order a certain amount of volume per month! Usually about $120 worth of product, but if you pick and choose carefully, it’s only around $106! So, let’s figure $113 a month for “volume”, another $20 for your “esuite”, and $1 for your account site. $134 a month. You’d better figure on selling a lot of this product in order to even “break even”!!!

Oh, did I mention it was $114 to sign up (Of course, you get 4 of these body wrap things with your “kit”, which includes 2 catalogs, 1 “inspirational” magazine, a rubber wrist band, and some cards.)

Today I got my order of the powdered “greens” (4.5 ounces for $33) and some more body wrap things. Never mind that I had to cancel the order I really wanted, because I was not going to be here in time to do any good for my May 7th event…

I’m already “In the hole” for about $241, minus the $40 profit I have made. How much more will I have to spend, before I “break even”? I’m sorry I ever signed up for this MLM (Multi-level Marketing).

I’m not saying it’s a bad product, but if I could do it all over again, I’d become a “loyal customer” and NOT a distributor!!!! As a “loyal customer” you’re only hooked in for 3 months, and you don’t have to order a certain amount of “volume”.

Oh, and by the way, I haven’t lost an ounce, or an inch, so far….


Handing out Poison for Halloween

Big news of the day is the woman in North Dakota who intended to pass out letters (instead of candy) to children she deemed “moderately obese”. I can’t think of a meaner way to harm a child on Halloween, except for passing out real poison, rather than just “poison pen”.
I was one of those chubby children, who, between the ages of 10-12, got rather “obese”. I’ve seen this happen with lots of children. It’s called “puberty”. It’s hormonal, not the overeating of candy, or lack of exercise. A few years ago, I was taking dance lessons at a studio where 2 of the children that performed one year (short and chubby) at the recital, came back tall and lean the next. I hardly recognized them! The boy went from being shorter than me, to towering over my head! The girl not only “leaned out”, she was even prettier!
I was “Mind F*cked” as a child by other children, relatives, and random adults who made unkind remarks about my weight. I was compared to my female cousins (Who I later found out, weren’t even blood related to me, so my genes weren’t even the same as theirs), while adult relatives had no qualms about saying things in front of me like “I’m only going to let MY daughter have about 1 candy bar a week, so she won’t get FAT, like you!” or “I hope (Female Cousin’s name here) doesn’t get FAT, like Debbie!”.
Remarks like this were so scarring, I can’t help but wonder if it is part of the reason I didn’t turn out to be more successful in life. No husband, no children, a less than successful career, an under-achiever. Perhaps I never felt “good enough”?
In spite of the fact that I “leaned out” in Junior High, and was even below the normal weight for my height, I was always trying to “lose weight”. Of course, back in those days, the only way we knew how to lose weight was to either starve ourselves, or drink TAB (The diet soda of the times) all day, and nothing else.
During my 20’s, I fluctuated 10 pounds. In fact, I could drop 10 pounds in 2 weeks. Not good for one’s metabolism, I’ve since learned.
Even Doctors are guilty of “mind f*cking” me. A few years ago, I was going to a woman doctor, thinking she would be sympathetic to my weight issue, but she just told me (Condescendingly, no less) “Now Debbie….START exercising!”. I SCREAMED at her over the phone: “I have 2 gym memberships! When I’m not at 1, I’m at the other! I’m a tap dancer, bike racer, race walker, equestrienne, martial artist….what kind of exercise would you like for me to START doing?!!!”.
Another woman doctor, refused my request for the “saliva test” to determine if I had a hormonal imbalance. She was one of the few doctors in my City that does Bioidentical Hormonal Replacement Therapy. She told me to cut back on my eating. She didn’t even know what I was eating…or not eating. She couldn’t tell me what I should be eating, just that “healthy foods are fattening, too”. Brilliant.
I’m still flogging the dead horse that happened to me just a couple years ago, when my roommate’s friend stayed at my house for a few days. She went on and on about an old photo of me on the wall, and how it was “A shame you don’t look like that anymore!”. People have no manners.
Back to this horrid woman in ND that intends to hand out poison pen letters to children she deems obese….she needs a psychiatric evaluation, in my opinion. I’d be willing to bet she has had a weight problem in the past. Like a reformed smoker, they are the worst about judging others who have the same problem they had. All I can say to this poor (evil) woman is: GET A LIFE and leave other people’s children alone! If you don’t want to pass out candy, DON’T! And if you insist on giving out treats, give out something healthy, like apples.